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Normalized night stood up, looking around the circle: “return late does not bother you a lot, excuse me.” Back to the floor Che a deep look, so he hands loosened her tranquil smile, Limbo Chad shift, went to the outside this Chamber.
was out of the Chamber, cold gets in my face, Wholesale Fitted Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Online Outlet totally not just the warmth of the room, in the final night looking up to see the moon alone hook to hang in the air for a long while no action, I heard footsteps behind, she turned around, F. Che was in sight.
again by his hand holding sleeve cover, month-hui, his Tongmou more clear than we moonlight: “return late, not ……”
“can not?”
floor Che ring from her live at her neat waist, no unoccupied tight grip, could not suppress some excitement: “No first abandon me,Wholesale Fitted Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Online OutletĀ  for you, I will not let go, you know?” Just the story, Normalized night is what he said, how could he not know which meaning, I think she had to say, he had some flustered and irritable.
return late leaning on his arms, took him by the skirt, softly: “folk saying goes.”
“marry a chicken with the chicken, marry a dog as a dog.”
return late in his arms faint smile on duty this side, she has done the role of persuasion, knowing that he will not change his mind, and she Mokenaihe. In the emotional side of this, she can go hand in hand fortune or misfortune, never betray. From now on, no longer trip this wave mixing with water, and the world shall we do on how, have already put themselves in him to do, and never have to pay any of their own psychological burden.
“return late ……”
“…… You see, moonlight good ……”
return late slightly raised his head in surprise, found that floor Che brow lifted, very cheerful, slightly, and some shyness, could not help, she laughed out loud ……
these rights inone, but when exposed clear man …… it is her husband ……
after six months.
Xiangfu bustling, busy entrance, Mojiancazhong, people drive, attracted people eager to watch around the pots of flowers to the house of a general transport. While spring and early summer time, Hongying will do, garden Poxian silence, only peony wrapped in the moment comes around the delivery of flowers, only one species, that is, peony. Really Shuoshuo bloom, Tingting graceful flowers even flowers, leaves with leaves, like the crown, like bowls, like hydrangeas, one kind of flowers, accompanied worth of flowers.
go walking in the garden in late, watching the colorful one, with such a beautiful tan, really wonderland, look four cast, to find that the door has moved to the extreme brilliant flower pot, a closer look, actually Peony She slightly stunned, stepped forward, stopped gardener hand, looked embarrassed return late.
observed repeatedly found that indeed is a pot of peony, owned by late pondered in silence. Peony peony and said “flowers two absolutely.” Since ancient times, said: “Peony Kao, peony for the flower phase.” Tribute throughout the year, officials peony, is a floor Che flattery meaning, meaning “one person, people over.” And at the moment, actually it was to send a potted plant king of peony, its meaning special suspicious, she asked: “Who is this send?”
somewhat flustered early gardener, busy replied: “the door, a carriage lords sent.” he stammered, submissive, half-crouched lingering fear, Wholesale Fitted Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Online Outlet afraid to make a mistake to have been punished.
“Where are the flowers who?”
gardener raised his head, a look of horror, point right outside the front door: “carriage turned the corner next to the trail.”
“leading the way, I’m going to take a look.” normalized late softly, looking around to see exquisite, as clear as the girl next three RBI in the courtyard, well-organized, given a lot of heart, sleeves and light fold, with the gardener to the door.

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Nanjun Wang will be staring at her from the door, the whole sleeve of her fairy Chad Gone Come, dimple smile Chun Tao Xi, as rumored in general, is one in a million peerless beauty, more commendable, there is an indescribable sense of noble freely , stared at her for a moment, suddenly glimpse floor Che displeasure of the state, were looking angry brow slightly. Dull, he returned late one deep looked, and sure enough floor looking more Shen Che, Nanjun Wang hurriedly look away, bow drank some hot mouth Ginseng, heart secretly chuckle, Che would actually think Floor exposed so obvious emotions, in fact, his wife age difference and building more than doubled, Cheap 100% Original Quality Louis Vuitton outlet Monogram Idylle On Cheap Sale not to mention the home has been beloved wife.
floor Che Gezhuo just hold hands go late, feeling somewhat chilly, half blame half heart pity look to go late, owned by the late Dan Xiao Fu: “hot drink.”
This is a room simmering conspiracy Strangeness in the curl of the first warm soup, the Crescent kind of frown laugh Come eliminate the invisible. This is a hidden Duan also bowed his head with evil spirits, drink a hot soup, his eyes back and forth in the building called Che normalized evening turn.
house in a quiet, owned three are intently watching late sipped Ginseng, hazy smoke, deemed their own thoughts, wonderful head stare, Kai lips and said: “Taking advantage of free time, talk to me a story smile . ”
floor Che slight surprised Italy, Nanjun Wang and Duan is some interest, the woman is in the feasts of the irregularities in the discussion, except for a few noble noble status, particularly women, and these women in the feasts of the topic is even more cautious. And now go late to speak frankly, natural attitude, based on all three speechless, waiting for later.
“Zhuangzi lifetime poor worry and out, the king admired his talent, sent envoys with a large amount of money to invite him an official, he refused to say, ‘I would rather filthy mud from the music into the game, nor was originally bound by those in power, and I Lifetime reluctant official, let my spirit be happy. ‘Zhuangzi friend Huishi but could not stand the temptation of wealth, to do a prime minister Wei, Chuang Tzu going to see him, someone to Huishi provocative, said:’ Zhuangzi wanted to do with your behalf. ‘Huishi panicked search in the domestic searched for three days and three nights Zhuangzi Zhuangzi know, right Huishi, said:’ There is a south Phoenix bird, flew to Phoenix from the South China Sea, the North Sea is not no plane trees habitat, is not it eat bamboo, it is not sweet drink spring water, and an owl found a dead rat, that Phoenix rob, facing fly over Phoenix shouted! “Yurun clear sound Chak Wan Wan Road to the story is familiar, there has been another taste. Normalized night laughing trio, Cheap 100% Original Quality Louis Vuitton outlet Monogram Idylle On Cheap Sale metaphor, deliberately spoil of power, in the end is gold? Is silver? Is the treasure? Maybe in some people’s eyes, it is just dead rat ……
listening, Duan looking a little heavy, rhinoceros eye staring return late, Nanjun Wang is a contemplative look, go out of the house late human heard the words of meaning, sometimes pondered, like touch hearts, are also deemed to be reveal mood.
“Lady really easy, and the right to take the dead rat bit par ……” Duan hollow laugh or two, Chen Sheng said.
return late noncommittal, Nanjun Wang smiled and spoke up: “Zhuangzi’s caused by the move of course refined, lady’s story is deeply moving, the king instructed the.”
see him sincere, really is thinking before saying, owned by late frowned, think of this Nanjun Wang Duan more than one character. She “Puchi” ek gorgeous smile: “But a story, why too seriously.”

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Various …… sometimes actually crazy, and she was not feeling extroverted person, no matter how much affection is also hidden in the depths, although compassionate mind, yet not put into action, it is only fighting for power, has become Her heart, Linrui En stable truths speaking world, she knows, the situation floor Che’s life experience, she understands. Before that support had married “Emperor Yan”, but then all the encounters are planted in her mind haze, about imperial feel of silk taboo Cheap Best-Selling Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Up To Date…… she has a clear sky and easy, but sentimentally attached to ordinary moving happiness in love in one word, she will inevitably be blind emotion, all entangled in mind, is really a “chaos” word insufficient channel their case.
always thinking rubbed off floor with tenderness Che ambition, and the effect is minimal. Seeing the court party struggles are becoming increasingly intense, her heart hanging with fit, the mind is very clear, to compete with the imperial power, the final outcome will be miserable, F. Che and Nanjun Wang, Duan alliance in the end be able to persist long is unknown, This continues, not a permanent solution. How long can fight in the end, or a year? Five years? Ten years? Or longer?
she is not something for the country, nor the people, it just distressed, afraid that racked floor Che scheming eventually moonlight reflected in water, a flashy, such an outcome, and how can people accept this …… husband ah Jon, it all …… in the end how to end?
heart waves, ups and downs, one suddenly, I heard three of the room has already begun to discuss countermeasures, meeting to meeting, but as it has transferred to the Yugoslav Army in Beijing’s intention, in order not to disturb the emperor, the army also intends to decentralized, small soldiers in Beijing this on the usual anti-mobilize, if the Yugoslav Army dispersed the line, one can avoid the eyes and ears, and secondly also eliminates the risk to arouse his suspicions.
listen to their intimate knowledge of the counsels and both are left to come up after the move, both offensive and defensive, in the final night secretly admire some, Suddenly to have heard almost inaudible behind the abnormal sound, Cheap Best-Selling Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Up To Date made a sudden surprised, looking back his eye, I saw a maid holding a tray, on which stood three flame blue and white glaze cup, it seems like Ginseng supplements. Maid did not seem to think it was here, mouth open, surprised to see return late.
return late depressed heart panic, do more than put a finger to her lips, which is also quite clever maid, shut up standing back late return. At this point within the room is also a moment of silence, it seems to discuss the impasse, a silence in his mouth swords Jianying evil spirits.
“so sloppily, in the end when you want to, do not move as the Yugoslav Army in Beijing, the king do not believe that to win the capital, afraid he does not succumb …… that time, the famous have taken, take the ……”
words pass into the ears, like thunder plains, in the final night was oozing sweat, not much thought, reaching force a door, “crunch -” sound, interrupted housing human outrageous remarks, all three of the room is microseismic, cheerful murderous ground turned to look at the door, subject to see the door side silhouette, surprised, a suspect, a Charan.
autumn dew thick, cold invade the body, thin cold bursts with the landing door opening procedure inroads room, high-powered trio invariably look out here, in the final night have picked maidservants hands tray, to step into the hall shallow smiling breeze smoked, Mouguang a turn, carefully looked around the room.
and Duan has over cooked side of the edge, Cheap Best-Selling Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Up To Date and Duan’s first sat Zhizuo person, nearly middle age, handsome, lips fine beard, put him show off a mature charm, burly, such as the pupil of the eye Eagle Lee, a strong trace of British Gas, even blissful silence also own kind of leaders momentum.
“Tonight can be a real buzz, and how his wife awake floor it?” Duan laugh askance door just go late.